Devlog #4 -- Redoing Allllllllllllllll the Stuff... This Time should be Serious or Never

We finally managed at the same line now! Yay! The project revamped into a whole platforming now. Instead of asking the roles of "Sam", we set it as action platformer... Ya' know, Run 'n Gun stuff. Pretty basic, perhaps with normal twist but hey, we tried our best to make the twist quite interesting (and shouldn't be called twist on the later part). The plot is should be like basic action platformer plot, kill the target and that's it. Who's the target? Can't tell for now, we're going to develop the targets so that the goals is clear.

For now, we got the prototype level design (Finally after a month *sweats*), it turns out quite worth. Need a bit of improvisation, but oh well we can at least start anyway. The two sketched picture above is the prototype, quite neat huh? There are character sprites too, but I don't know how to upload things here.... Ahahahaha.

So far so good, there are much scripts to be added as well. Hopefully we could add a lot of things this week. Cheers!

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