Devlog #2 -- Rearranging the concepts

After few days of brainstorming, combining each ideas from one member to another, we've concluded the concept of our game.  We haven't  updated the game design document at the moment of writing and no assets have been made before to avoid extra "useless" work, even for basic. Please be patient, we tried to finished the design document at least tomorrow with specific details for our concept.

"Who is Sam", as per team decision, is a story-based platforming games where every interaction counts. We decided to set the era into somewhere at medieval age and in alternate world so that player still able to receive some platforming and/or interacting with anything.

Our current task starting this week is to create the character design -also to determine the art style and animation-, writing the first route for at least pre-alpha project, and basic controls on the game mechanism.

We're sorry for the late update, and going to work more tomorrow.

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Where  is this week update?